Monday, March 31, 2014

Key West Seaplane Adventures

Photo courtesy of Key West Seaplane Adventures
Remember a little bit ago when I said we were going on a seaplane?  WOW!!!!

Our adventure started off at Key West International Airport where we boarded a 10 seater seaplane.  I've been on small planes before, but never like this.  Each seat had a pair of headphones to wear to help drown out the loud noise of the plane.  We could also hear the captain give us a little history of our destination and of the landmarks below us.  (Like sunken ships!!)

The view from the air was amazing and the water was crystal clear.

We landed about 70 miles from Key West at the Dry Tortugas National Park.  Landing on water is such a cool experience.  It's pretty amazing to see nothing but blue open water all around you and then suddenly you touch "ground".

The only other way to get to the park is by ferry, but it doesn't arrive until a couple hours later, so we pretty much had the entire island to ourselves.  We headed into Fort Jefferson, the largest brick structure in the Western Hemisphere.  It was gorgeous!  The long brick hallways and spiral staircases definitely transport you back to the 1800's.  Once you're off ground level, there are no railings or walls on the sides, so it's a bit scary to walk around.  The view from the top is stunning!  We only explored a fraction of the fort when we decided we should take advantage of the water.

The tour comes with snorkel equipment, so no need to bring your own.  My kids were a little fussy that morning, so I left them in the sand with Daddy and swam out on my own.  Exploring the waters and searching for marine life was cool, but what I enjoyed most was getting a view of the fort from the water.

This was an unforgettable experience and I highly recommend a visit to the Dry Tortugas if you visit Key West.

Be sure to check out Key West Seaplane Adventures for the flight of your life!

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