Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day 4 in Europe: Headed to Paris

    After a quick hotel breakfast, we loaded our tour bus with our luggage and headed to the Eurostar. There was a little time at the station for us to spend the rest of our British currency or have it exchanged to Euros. I bought a few snacks for the train. We had to go through customs and security before we headed to the boarding area.
   When we were seated backward, I got a little nervous, as Clay and I both have been known to get carsick.  I also didn't realize that going through underground tunnels would make your ears pop worse than going up in a plain! I had to get out some gum for us to chew and it still didn't help all that much. There wasn't much of a view on the train ride but we arrived quickly.
   After arriving in Paris, we loaded another bus and drove through the town for a bit of sight seeing. We were given a bit of free time so Clay and I bought a few souvenirs, checked out Notre Dame and it's gardens.
Beautiful stained glass windows inside Notre Dame

The grounds outside Notre' Dame
The magestic Notre Dame Cathedral

We also found the bridge of love locks. The story goes that you and your love put a lock on the bridge and throw the key in the river and nothing can ever separate you.  There are so many locks on the bridge that it is starting to lean and break.  It was a really neat sight to see.

    After our free time, we loaded the bus and were treated to an organ concert by Humpus Lindwall at the Saint Esprit Cathedral.
Inside the Saint Esprit Cathedral 

    Supper was GREAT! We had turkey with mushroom sauce and potatoes, then apple tart for dessert while dining at Cafe de' New York. 

Turkey with mushroom sauce and potatoes
Apple Tart

  After another quick sightseeing tour via bus, we headed towards our hotel. We stayed at the Hotel Novo. This was upscale and modern compared to where we stayed before. There was free wi-fi and  a Kinect in the lobby.
The rooms were good size with a queen bed and a queen pull out sofa.  The shower was different.  I had a hard time figuring it out and accidentally sprayed water all out into the bathroom floor! Finally made it to bed around 2:30 AM to prep for a long day in Paris. Stay tuned to see the visits to the Louvre, Eiffle Tower and our cruise on the Seine River.

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