Friday, October 3, 2014

Day 5: Paris Sightseeing

   Finally after a few health issues, I am back on track to writing this blog about our amazing summer trip to Europe.
   This day started out a little "hairy", to say the least!  After showering and soaking the floor because of the weird angle of the shower door, I began the task of primping for the day. Plugged up my curling iron, using my power converter and waited for it to get hot. DID IT EVER!!  After singeing my bangs and them falling off and down into the sink, I realized that the convertor for London and the converter for Paris are different! After the shock wore off, I fixed my hair, grabbed some croissants with Nutella and headed to the bus for downtown Paris. Today I sat with one of the teens, Wesley, on the bus. I think Clay ended up sitting with Galen. Figured it was time we make some new friends.
    We made a couple of stops for photo ops, including the Eiffel Tower.
Our first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower
Then we headed to the famous art museum The Louvre. Clay and I shared a sandwich at a little cafe in the Louvre then he, Galen and I headed to discover the arts. It was really amazing to see the real Mona Lisa, the Venus Statue and so many other famous works of art. One whole floor of the museum was dedicated to Egyptian art.
The original Mona Lisa

The Venus Statue
 As we were leaving the museum, we were blocked by a demonstration. It is legal to hold civil demonstrations as long as advanced notice is given. We also found out that the trains in Paris had gone on strike. Hoping they came to an agreement the next day because we needed a train to get to our next destination!
    Flam's for supper!  We were treated to side salads, various types of Flammekueches and sweet Flammekueches of chocolate and apple.  These were a little different than pizzas we get at home but they were great!
    After supper, we headed to the Eiffel Tower. Scared of heights as I am, I knew I had to do it because I may never get another chance. Yes, I went 1000 feet up to the top of the Eiffel Tower! It wasn't near as bad as I expected and the view was indescribably  gorgeous. It was freezing at the top though.
View from atop the Eiffel Tower
    Packing in as much of the sightseeing opportunities as we could, after the Eiffel Tower climb, we took an evening cruise on the Seine River. Seeing all of the parisian architecture from that view was really amazing.  Being on the river, however, we froze to death again!
    It had been an extremely long day and we were ready to go back to the hotel. On the way we did pass through the tunnel where Princess Dianna and her boyfriend were killed.  that was a neat surprise that our wonderful tour guide added in. Stay tuned for day 6 when we venture off alone to Disneyland!