Thursday, January 15, 2015

Day 6, con't... Paris and a Night Train to Florence

         After finishing up at Disneyland Paris, we had to meet the others in downtown Paris to meet in front of the Opera. We had a scheduled tour of a perfume factory, where we all received a free sample. It was way too smelly for me and gave me a headache.  Afterwards we headed to Matmatre.

We had to buy passes to take a tram up to the top and explore the streets.  We didn't have much time to look around. Clay and I stepped in, took a few pictures

A view of the city from atop Matmatre

and then headed back down (we took the stairs) to grab something to eat. They told us to buy some snacks for the train as well. We hopped into a little cafe and got a hot dog, some fries and our last French crepe. The crepe was not near as good as the one from the Eiffel Tower but it was still good.  These folks believe in their Neutella!

That is some big jars of Nutella.

We met up with all of the groups and loaded the bus to our night train. The night train....The bathrooms for changing were super tiny, there were no showers. It was difficult changing into pjs on a moving train.

Clay's Pals

There were 6 people to a cabin and it was quite tight! Clay got put in with us so we stuck his young butt on the top bunk! We all finally settled in and tried to sleep because we knew we would hit the ground running once we reached Florence in the morning!

 Prepping the cabin for bed

                                                                                                 Time for lights out


  1. Your pictures of the trip are beautiful and, my goodness the food looks so good. Thanks for sharing it looks like all of you have a great time!

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