Friday, February 20, 2015

Day 7- Florence, Italy

Eurostar to Florence, yes we are still tired.
    After waking up late on the train, we had to rush to get dressed and semi-presentable. There wasn't much time to fix hair or anything! We unloaded the night train in Milan and rushed quickly to the Eurostar so we could board and continue on to Florence.
    Florence was a very historical and beautiful city. We walked through street markets and shops. There were so many street performers and if you stopped to watch, you were expected to pay.
Streets of Florence

  We did a bit of walking and decided it was time for lunch. Clay and  found our first gelato, YUM! Then we grabbed some pizza, a chocolate croissant and the gelato. You can't be in Italy and not have some pizza.
Our first, of many, gelatos 

 After a quick leather demonstration, we did a little more walking through street markets and to see the famous Ponte Vecchio. That was truly breathtaking.

   After 6 hours of walking, on very little sleep, We boarded a bus and headed to our hotel. We were staying at Hotel Europa. We all unpacked and freshened up a bit and headed down to supper. 
This time we had penne marinara, salad, pork loin and cake.
   The resort room itself was pretty spacious but the bathrooms were tiny and the hair dryer was kinda crazy. We hit the bed soon after supper and went right to sleep!


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