Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Tennessee Safari Park- Alamo, TN

    Looking for a quick day trip in west Tennessee? Look no further than Tennessee Safari Park in Alamo!  It won't even take a full day to go through so there will be time to catch a few other things, if you want. My family did the tour in about 3 hours.  It is off the beaten path but the signage will lead you right to it.
  One thing that is a MUST with this tour is buying feed!  We bought 4 buckets for the 5 of us and that wasn't enough.  The Emu's are hungry and greedy!  All of the animals on the drive are accustomed to people and not afraid to walk up and eat. The Llamas and alpacas are super cute too.

  The drive has so many different types of animals that its too long for me to type them all out but here is their list. Some our favorites were the alpacas, zebras and buffalo.  Not sure that the kids liked the buffalo as much as I did. One of them stole my daughter's food bowl! 
    After the drive, there is another walk through portion of the park. Some of my favorites are roaming free....Peacocks!!!!

   There is a small petting area of farm animals on the backside as well as a few other exotic species to see. Inside the small gift shop, you'll find stuffed animals, candy and such, as with any zoo. They also have an interesting Emu/Ostrich nursery. 
  Also, while you are in the gift shop, don't forget to buy a cup of carrots to feed the giraffe! He's so cute. 

Be sure to check out their website for times as they vary with seasons and the weather.  ricing is $12 per adult and $8 for children and is CASH ONLY. Tennessee Safari Park is a place we will definitely be visiting again in the future!  If you stop by, let them know we sent you. 

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