Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Memphis Zoo: A Family Fun Day

Memphis Zoo Entrance
    Memphis, TN has so much to see and do. Being from Tennessee, it is considered a "staycation" for me, but my family still goes every summer. The zoo is one of our favorite things to do.  The Memphis Zoo actually opened in the early 1900's. Many donations, improvements and exhibits have been made since then.
     Polar bears were added in 2006. I love watching them during feeding time! We got to watch this guy put on a little show across from the seals.
Polar Bear Exhibit

    The 4 acre Teton Trek was added in 2009. The Trek is designed to resemble Yellowstone National Park. I love this area as well. It houses the elk, wolves and grizzlies. There are tables and chairs to sit and relax indoors when it's hot, as well as a picnic area at the entrance. I also like the water play for the kids, there are several of these scattered throughout the zoo. 
Teton Trek Splash Area
The zoo also has an aquarium area that was houses rays, different types of turtles, eels, and other fish. There is even a herpetarium with slithery snakes and lizards!
  I love the budgie house, full of colorful birds. The toucan is my favorite.
  Nearby the aquarium is Penguin Rock, home to several African penguins. A short distance away from  the rock is an exhibit featuring American white pelicans.
Penguin Rock  and the African Penguins 
   Cat Country is another of the zoo's fascinating exhibits. Cat country is home to African lions, red pandas, ocelots, and many other cat-like creatures including the beautiful tiger you see below!

           The Panda exhibit is great but does cost extra on most days.  There are many more areas and exhibits to explore but I don't want to show it all to you in my blog. Go visit the zoo for yourself. It is an inexpensive day trip in southwest Tennessee. Pack a lunch and load up the family!
   Memphis Zoo  has many free days and events through out the year, so be sure to check their calendar for that. During Halloween and Christmas they host special events as well. This really is a super great zoo and fun place for the whole family. My family enjoys it every year! Have you been to the Memphis Zoo? What was your favorite exhibit?

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