Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Scents of Memories

   Have you ever gotten a whiff of something that brings back fond memories of times past? I get that

from my favorite wax melts at Fandoms and Fairytales. There are scents of my favorite foods and

resort lobbies and attractions at Disney! Everyone knows that I cannot leave the parks without a

caramel apple. Now, I can pretend that I am walking through the Main Street Confectionary and

trying to decide which one I am going to try first.  The Floridian Lobby is by far my favorite resort

scent! It is such a fresh and clean smell. As far as attractions go, you will definitely want to check out

the Soarin' candle with its hint of orange 🍘groves and maybe you will get a sample of "Thank the 

Phoenicians" thrown in. I will let you try to guess the scent of that one on your own! I always get

excited when a new shipment comes in the mail and I know you will, too!  One wax melt in the

burner usually lasts me a full day before I need to change or add another and she adds just the right

amount of scent so they aren't overpowering. Be sure to check out Jeannette and tell her I sent you!

    Also, any A2M Travel followers that use the coupon code MAKEMEMORIES at checkout will

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Friday, January 11, 2019

Montreux, Switzerland: 2 Girls Traveling

The view from our hotel in Montreux
  Our Switzerland adventure continued in Montreux. I must say, this was by far, my favorite city of the trip. The beauty was immeasurable to any other with the snow capped mountains and golden kissed leaves, the lake town will be sure to take anyone's breath away.  We started our afternoon with a walk along Lake Geneva to hunt down the statue of Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the band Queen, for a quick photo op. 

 This time of year, the town is getting ready for the Christmas markets. It was really interesting watching them get set up. Bucket list is to return to shop at them! We headed to find dinner and shop at some local markets before turning in for another busy day.
Chillon Castle

     Day 2 in Montreux was a busy one! We started off at Chillon Castle. So much history from why the beds were shorter to how to escape behind the walls.  Ana even tried to toss me into the moat while we were down in the prison. 
Walkway to courtyard

Headed into the Moat

Where they chained prisoners

Memorial to Lord Byron

    After our visit to Chillon Castle, we headed to  the town of Vevey for a tour of the home and studios of Charlie Chaplin. This is a tour not to be missed if given the opportunity.  Anastasia and I had so much fun taking selfies with the wax figures and reading about the history of Chaplin and his family. Enjoy below:
Hanging out with Charlie
Charlie's friend Albert

Anastasia and Charlie...I am in the background

The Chaplin Bedroom

Ana speaking with the Chaplin's

Enjoying some home movies

Charlie wrote most of the music for his movies

And Ana and I played it

The Chaplin Home

Charlie's famous character the Tramp
original film reels
Anastasia smelling the roses

New job?

 This was such a fun tour! After a yummy dinner of local pizza, we went to another solo outing, Queen The Studio Experience. This is located in their old recording studio. It was so awesome to sit on the same stool, in the same studio as the band!

Freddie's writings

The actual studio of Queen!

 If I ever go back to Switzerland, I will definitely be spending more time in Montreux. We visited it for only 2 days and that was not near enough for me. I am sorry that I started this journey in the middle of my trip but it was my favorite and I wanted to share it first. More pics of the scenery below.

Fog on the lake

This is fog on top of the lake