Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Scents of Memories

   Have you ever gotten a whiff of something that brings back fond memories of times past? I get that

from my favorite wax melts at Fandoms and Fairytales. There are scents of my favorite foods and

resort lobbies and attractions at Disney! Everyone knows that I cannot leave the parks without a

caramel apple. Now, I can pretend that I am walking through the Main Street Confectionary and

trying to decide which one I am going to try first.  The Floridian Lobby is by far my favorite resort

scent! It is such a fresh and clean smell. As far as attractions go, you will definitely want to check out

the Soarin' candle with its hint of orange 🍘groves and maybe you will get a sample of "Thank the 

Phoenicians" thrown in. I will let you try to guess the scent of that one on your own! I always get

excited when a new shipment comes in the mail and I know you will, too!  One wax melt in the

burner usually lasts me a full day before I need to change or add another and she adds just the right

amount of scent so they aren't overpowering. Be sure to check out Jeannette and tell her I sent you!

    Also, any A2M Travel followers that use the coupon code MAKEMEMORIES at checkout will

receive 15% of your total order! Here is what I have in stock and some people say I may have a


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